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Control Your Time and You Create a Better Life

Fine time to save it with time being represented by a clockIn our steps to create a better life for ourselves, we are moving consistently and positively toward the lifestyle we want.  In our 365-Day Reset, part of the Vitality Project, we work in tiny increments toward our vision by reframing our decision-making processes, and being willing to look at and adjust behaviours that may hold us back. How we spend our time often points to our best, and our less desirable habits.  As such, we spend a major chunk of our days looking at how to revamp our planned schedules.  

In this part of our reset, I have been strongly influenced by an amazing brilliant woman, who encapsulated what I was pondering in a truly eloquent way.   Monika B. Jensen, PHD, is an expert without equal when it comes to coaching people with behavioural changes. And, she has given us permission to link to the blog that inspired me. Hopefully it will resonate with you as it did with me. 

In her article, “Time: Manage It and You Manage Your World. 10 Tips Explained“, Monika draws a connection toward how our values and commitments must drive our time management choices, how we can prioritize our activities, how to set boundaries, and how to work with our own energy flows. 

Over the next few days, read this blog a few times. 

Work through the thinking process that Monika from Aviary Group outlines. And finish outlining your ideal agenda.  

And remember, this reset can be positive and stress-relieving if we take it at our own pace. 

To help you do that, use the 365-Day Reset nudge cards. Days 8 to 44 may be downloaded below. 

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The 365-Day Reset is part of The Vitality Project (working name).

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