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About BlogsByJenn.com

Content Marketing is an effective strategy to attract and retain clients for small-to-medium businesses, professionals, and businesses with new technology.

If you are a writer or have an in-house marketing team, it is even cost-effective.  But what if you don’t have the time to write? Or, you don’t have a team to write for you?

Sub-contracting is an excellent option if you have cash flow. A well-written blog with SEO keywords added will cost you a minimum of  $400. Anything less and the content is likely weak, the research questionable, and the SEO potentially lacking. 

So, what is a business person to do? Enter BlogsByJenn.com.

Jenn Humphries launched BlogsByJenn.com in 2021 as a FREE content service to assist her business colleagues with surviving the pandemic. Typically, Jenn is commissioned to ghostwrite blogs starting at the $600 mark. But, these blogs, written in her own voice, are meant as a community service to help businesses continue to connect with clients at a time when cash flow is tight.

How does it work?

If you are a reader, find the topics of interest to you and enjoy. Share using the icons in the header. 

If you are a business or organization, choose the blogs your clients want to read, and share them. Use the icons in the header or embed&link into your website’s blog section, remembering to key in the layered keywords into your metadata.

BlogsByJenn.com is a consumer brand of JC Humphries & Associates.


Jenn, writer and teacher


About Jenn Humphries

Jenn Humphries is an avid researcher, an award-winning writer, a curious seeker of how-tos and a five-star teacher and trainer.

Her background is in executive public relations and communications. To that effect, she has been Director of Corporate Communications at CTV Inc and Bell Globemedia (now known as Bell Media), Media Relations Officer at the National Film Board of Canada, and Senior Media Relations Officer (and temporary acting Director of Communications) at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. 

As principal of her own firm, JC Humphries & Associates, she has project-led and written successful grant applications to bring programs to vulnerable seniors, delivered wellness programs to under-housed and infirm seniors, as well as art and film into communities.  She has also coached solopreneurs and business people to grow their business and community presence, with many of them earning accolades and the Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards.

In 2021, Jenn decided to bring her thirst for knowledge to the general public with the launch of blogsbyjenn.com. Unlike a regular blog site, Jenn’s is a multi-themed blogging site that makes shareable, free content available to business owners and readers alike.  Topics include Business Best Practices, Writing Excellence, Becoming Sustainable, Pressing Reset, Brain Health, and Nutrition/Food. Blogsbyjenn.com is the first time that Jenn is sharing her voice. Previously, she wasn’t “heard” as a ghostwriter, grant writer, and marketing communications creator. Blogsbyjenn.com is a consumer brand under the JC Humphries & Associates umbrella.

As she shifted into sharing her voice online in the blog, Jenn also launched KnowHowNow.ca. This online learning academy brings up-to-date, cutting-edge industry knowledge to business owners and professionals who quickly want to upskill. This initiative brings self-directed online learning to the general public. Until this time, Jenn’s courses have only been available to Province of Ontario employees, City of Toronto Staff, and municipalities across Ontario.

Course themes on KnowHowNow.ca align with topics on blogsbyjenn.com.  As past students, clients and colleagues know, Jenn compulsively strives for quality and excellence. Courses on her learning academy live up to these standards. KnowHowNow.ca is a consumer brand of JC Humphries & Associates.  

During her career, Jenn has served on the board of directors of Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade, the world-renowned Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG), Abrigo Centre, and Joanne’s House (Youth Shelter).